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Audit & Accounts Senior

Role overview for the Audit & Accounts Senior

The role of the Audit & Accounts Senior is designed to ensure that all compliance activity is delivered on schedule and meets the high quality and format standards set by the business. As the most senior member of the Accounting Team, you will hold all producers of Accounting Information accountable for their quality and delivery.

Given the knowledge and experience this position requires, the Audit & Accounts Senior
will be expected to offer guidance and act as the decision-maker, where reasonable, in the absence of the Company Directors the following is a more detailed description of responsibilities within the role.

Compliance delivery

The Audit & Accounts Senior will be responsible for ensuring the Compliance Team deliver their scheduled work on time and that it meets the standards expected. To ensure this delivery is met, the key elements of the role are:

● Managing Schedules using the Production Management Software
● Prioritisation of work
● Providing technical knowledge
● Reviewing completed work
● Coordinating client sign off
● Managing Self -Assessment delivery schedule


The Audit & Accounts Senior will be responsible for ensuring that quality and process is maintained throughout the business by conducting detailed audits of selected works. The key areas of the business that would be subject to these audits are as follows:

● Year-End Accounts
● Tax Planning
● Internal Numbers Reports
● Month End Management Information
● Financial Director Services e.g. MI, Budgeting, Forecasting etc.

As part of the audit responsibilities of the Audit & Accounts Senior, there are several supporting activities that are required to maintain effectiveness and accountability. These are detailed as follows:

● Designing new audits and schedules as and when necessary to meet changes within the business
● Ensuring sub audits are conducted by the department managers
● Performing root cause analysis on serious non-conformities
● Recording results

A key part of the role of the Audit & Accounts Senior is to report into the Company Directors and detail group-wide compliance performance. The Audit & Accounts Senior is responsible for providing, updating, and reporting on the information relating to Compliance Performance. The KPI deck would specifically look at the individual and team’s performance in terms of delivery and quality.

After the Group Directors, the Audit & Accounts Senior is the most senior role within the business and as such, will be expected to provide leadership and decision making in the absence of company directors. Your remit will be to hold all teams to account for their conduct and performance always should you see fit. Client experience will always remain paramount within your role.

Given the experience required and the unique access to all areas of the business, the Audit & Accounts Senior would be expected to play a significant role in the strategic planning of any areas of the business reporting into them. Insights and opinion from any member of the senior team would always be encouraged.

With the wealth of experience this role requires, the Audit & Accounts Senior will help identify training needs within the team and support them by either training them personally or coordinating their training requirements with other members of the team or enlisting 3rd party parties.

As a part of your role, it would be expected that you keep abreast of all the latest legislative and industry practices. Where applicable, you would be expected to cascade this knowledge down to the relevant parts of the business.

● Chartered Accounting Qualification
● Experience of working in Accounting Practice in a similar role
● Strong leadership skills
● Excellent communicator
● IT literate with significant knowledge of Accounting Software
● Ability to meet deadlines and manage teams


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