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Take Control of Your Recruitment with "Hiring Made Easy" RECRUITMENT TRAINING

Recruitment Training, Empowering SMEs to Save Time and Money by giving you expert training that will transform the results your business sees in recruitment "Hiring Made Easy" is a tailored training program that equips your team with the skills and knowledge needed to handle recruitment in-house effectively. Our program covers every step of the recruitment process, from crafting the perfect job description to conducting successful interviews and making the right hires.

Our training program is specifically designed for SMEs looking to optimise their recruitment strategies WITH OUR RECRUITMENT TRAINING

Recruitment Training for Business Owners and Managers:
Gain a deep understanding of effective recruitment strategies to make better hiring decisions.

HR Teams:
Enhance your skills and tools to manage recruitment processes more efficiently and reduce reliance on costly recruitment agencies.

Team Leads and Supervisors:
Learn how to identify the right talent that aligns with your team’s needs and company culture.

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Ready to Transform Your Recruitment Process?🚀

Recruitment Training, Investing in "Hiring Made Easy" will provide tangible benefits for your business. Here’s what you can expect:

Cost Savings: Reduce or eliminate expensive one off recruitment fees and agency costs.

Time Efficiency: Streamline the recruitment process, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.

Improved Hiring Quality: Make informed hiring decisions that lead to better employee performance and retention.

Increased Control: Gain full control over your recruitment processes, ensuring alignment with your company’s values and goals.

Enhanced Skills: Equip your team with advanced recruitment skills that will benefit your business long-term.

Expertise: With years of experience in the recruitment industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights.

Tailored Training: Our program is customised to meet the unique needs of your business

Proven Success: Many SMEs have already benefited from our training, seeing significant improvements in their recruitment outcomes.

Lifetime access & unlimited users per business

Downloadable templates that will save you so much time!

"Leanne is incredibly focused and driven, she is an absolute credit to the recruitment sector"

Our Full Range Of Hiring Made Easy Courses​

Online course with lifetime access, downloadable templates and unlimited users per business.
Online 121 tailored recruitment training for businesses with  specific recruitment challenges.
FREE RECRUITMENT training that ALL businesses need to watch if they have plans to grow.

What does everyone say about us?

When you work with Leanne and the team at Hargreaves you know that they will stop at nothing to get you the results you need. I have had the pleasure to have known Leanne for a number of years now and can always rely on her to deliver an outstanding service. What really stands out are the extra details and regular updates you get from her and the team, you feel part of the process without really doing anything! If you are looking to transform the results you get from recruitment then couldn't recommend Leanne highly enough!!
In January 2024, I welcomed Leanne to our Nottingham office to enhance our skills in all things recruitment! One of our goals in 2024 was to expand our knowledge and work with experts in the game to help with our hiring goals, and Leanne certainly hit the mark. Her training had lots of great visuals, easy to follow guides, and interactive examples for us to try out over the two days. Leanne catered these sessions to our needs and couldn't have been more helpful! If any of my connections are looking any recruitment related help, I couldn't recommend her more!
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