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Are you tired of relying solely on recruiters or generic job ads to fill your talent pool and feel like you need online Yorkshire recruitment Training? It’s time for a change. Recognising the HUGE gap in the market, we’ve crafted a transformative education in recruitment that puts the power back in your hands not only in the UK but also all across Yorkshire for recruitment training.

Investing in this program doesn’t just save you time—it’s a strategic move that will fuel your growth plans and lead to significant cost savings. Once embedded into your business, these principles will become the cornerstone of a streamlined and effective hiring process.

Businesses that want to understand recruitment on a deeper level

Businesses that want to integrate recruitment, but they don’t know where to start

Businesses that have plans for growth in 2024, not matter how big or small

Businesses that want to attract, hire and retain talent without having to spend thousands on one off recruitment agency fees

Businesses that want to start seeing results from job platforms instead of wading through hundreds of unsuitable CVs

Honest guidance about the reality of recruitment and recruiting – NO FLUFF!

Businesses that want to take back control of how recruitment is done in their business

What will be covered in this online yorkshire recruitment training programme

Recruitment Foundations (including company culture, your vision for the business & core values)

Recruitment Processes, Strategies & Systems

How to create job descriptions that attract the talent you need

How to create Advertising Strategies

Applicant Tracking Systems

Employer Branding, Company Careers & Social Media strategies

How to create Talent Pools of candidates

How to nurture conversations

How to screen & Interviewing candidates

How to offering & reject candidates

How to induct, train & retain your new recruits

How to transform your recruitment process!

  • This programme gives you all the tools you need to create a unique experience that works in alignment with your business  

  • It will create multiple streams of candidate applications, creating talent pools of candidates you can tap into whenever you need to recruit

  • It gives you back control with the results you see from recruitment and creates processes that will save you time and so much money!

  • It will change recruitment from being reactive to PROACTIVE!

Lifetime access & unlimited users per business

Downloadable templates that will save you so much time!

"Leanne is incredibly focused and driven, she is an absolute credit to the recruitment sector"

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When you work with Leanne and the team at Hargreaves you know that they will stop at nothing to get you the results you need. I have had the pleasure to have known Leanne for a number of years now and can always rely on her to deliver an outstanding service. What really stands out are the extra details and regular updates you get from her and the team, you feel part of the process without really doing anything! If you are looking to transform the results you get from recruitment then couldn't recommend Leanne highly enough!!
In January 2024, I welcomed Leanne to our Nottingham office to enhance our skills in all things recruitment! One of our goals in 2024 was to expand our knowledge and work with experts in the game to help with our hiring goals, and Leanne certainly hit the mark. Her training had lots of great visuals, easy to follow guides, and interactive examples for us to try out over the two days. Leanne catered these sessions to our needs and couldn't have been more helpful! If any of my connections are looking any recruitment related help, I couldn't recommend her more!
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