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We help businesses confidently attract, hire and retain top talent, using our “Hiring Made Easy” training programmes

The Magic behind hargreaves recruitment Training & Consultancy.

Leanne Makinson
Founder & Director

I take all of your recruitment headaches and nightmares, sprinkle a little Leanne magic over them and change how your business does recruitment……. FOREVER!

Kayley Colligan
Operations Administrator

I am the person that keeps Leanne sane, the creative genius behind the business and a whizz when it comes to technology!

Company Mascot / The Horse

Koba is the reason we work, her expensive life and lavish lifestyle of living lavida loca, isn’t cheap to maintain!

Why us?

Creating bespoke recruitment strategies that work for you and your business.

Expert Recruitment Training

Tailored training programmes

Unique experience

21 years in the recruitment industry

More about Hargreaves Recruitment & the Founder

I help businesses confidently attract, hire and retain top talent using my “Hiring Made Easy” training programmes.

My career in recruitment started way back in 2002, working for high street recruitment agencies but the ‘bums on seat’ approach and working for commission honestly didn’t set my soul on fire, so in 2007 I transitioned into internal recruitment, which is one of the highlights of my career as I transformed so many businesses, but, after being made redundant three times in a row, I decided to take a leap of faith and in 2017 Hargreaves Recruitment was created

Why brand the business as Hargreaves, I hear you ask?!

Hargreaves is the surname of my late Grandfather, Keith Hargreaves, and to have a business in his name would have made him super proud but its also an honour that I get to keep his name alive.

The last 2 years has really made me want to give more back to clients, to add more value to their business and to make more of an impact on their plans for growth, which has lead me to create a new and improved version of Hargreaves Recruitment, which has now officially been rebranded as Hargreaves Recruitment Training & Consultancy Ltd!

Creating a heart-based business has been a goal of mine and 2024 I finally made that happen Hargreaves Recruitment Training & Consultancy, operates from a deep place of compassion and integrity.

We value authenticity, transparency and human connection and we integrate this into every single client we work with Collaborating with businesses to revolutionise their approach to recruitment not only enhances their outcomes but also give them so much more confidence in the process.

Hiring Made Easy has been a concept that I am so proud to bring to market as I want businesses to be able to have more options when it comes to attracting, hiring and retaining staff, then one-off expensive recruitment fees or overpriced job boards.

Wherever you are in your recruitment journey, we have a service that will fit your business perfectly.