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Who We Are

The Hargreaves Squad is made up of strong, independent individuals that genuinely give a sh*t about recruitment!

Having the best interests of candidates and clients is something we are very passionate about and have been for the last 21 years

The squad predominantly work from home but despite this, are a very close team and enjoy many team events such as spa days, monthly meetings and nights out. This keeps the team morale boosted and the Hargreaves cogs turning to ensure we are always providing THE BEST service

We have sector specific consultants that work alongside us to deliver the best possible recruitment experience for all involved. You can read about each member of the team below!

Our highly experienced team

Leanne Makinson

creator & founder

Leanne Makinson

Leanne is the creator and founder of Hargreaves Recruitment

Leanne has worked in recruitment for the last 21 years, initially starting out as an agency recruiter then moving into internal recruitment for 11 years of her career, working with businesses that had never invested in recruitment before.

Leanne formed Hargreaves Recruitment back in 2017 after being made redundant three time in a row, it’s a business she is incredibly proud of

Leanne isn’t your typical recruiter and this isn’t your typical recruitment consultancy (I know your probably thinking yeah alright and rolling your eyes right now). Leanne has created a business that has a strong foundation of like minded individuals that want to make a difference in the recruitment industry and there are some pretty solid plans for Hargreaves to evolve with this in mind. Not forgetting the Goodies page she have already created which can be found HERE.  

Outside of work, Leanne is a full-time dog Mum to Koba the cane Corso (aka the horse) and on the occasions she isn’t found working, she will be out travelling with her dog child, Koba




Koba (AKA ‘the horse’) is Leanne’s pride and joy. She is a gentle giant and you will often see her on our social media platforms doing what she does best… strutting her stuff!

Khaleeqa Bostan

Freelance marketing and social media content creator and video editor. Currently studying a degree in graphic design. Khaleeqa completed a level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship which kickstarted her career and has been freelancing for different companies ever since, getting involved in various events, campaigns and was a finalist at the BAME Apprenticeship Awards. Outside of work, Khaleeqa enjoys crafting and painting and runs a small Etsy business she opened in 2020.

Sasha Knott


Recruitment Strategy and IT Lead

Sasha was a Software Programmer in her previous life and knows her Java trom JavaScript, and her Python from her Phythons. She is passionate about finding the best methods for doing things and is always looking for ways to automate systems to make the hiring process as quick and easy as possible.

Kelly Louw


Recruitment Strategy and Operations Lead

Kelly specialises in infrastructure, Networking, Engineering, Service Technicians, and the Leaders who run these teams, finding them all with her eyes closed. Her ability to remember candidates and match them to their perfect roles makes her an expert at finding needles in haystacks.

Wanita Goodwin

Chief Talent Lead

Finance Recruitment

Whether you're looking for a Bookkeeper, Auditor, Accountant, or even a CFO, Wanita is the expert. Her investment into her candidates and clients and her ability to find people who are looking for a change make her your go-to for all your financial hiring needs.

Tamrin De Beer

Chief Client Lead

Leadership Recruitment

Tamrin could have been a DevOps Engineer with her technical knowledge. Thankfully, she chose recruitment and is an expert and filling those tricky-to-fill IT roles. If you're looking for a DBA, CCNA, MCSA, MLOps, or anything in between, Tamrin is your go-to.

Tamsen Warrack

Chief Success Magnetrrack

Recruitment Account Manager

If you have questions, concerns, or additional hiring needs, Tamsen is your go-to. Her strong focus on client experience, problem solving, and getting things done as soon as humanly possible means that any concern or questions you may have will be seen to by Tamsen almost as quickly as you ask her.

Gabriella Fox

Recruitment Account Manager

Recruitment Account Manager

Do you have questions, concerns, or additional hiring needs? Gabby has got you. Her friendly nature, drive to always provide the best service, and ability to get results fast make her the ideal person to handle any issues you may encounter as they arise.

Jemma Masureik

Customer Success Associate

Customer Advisor

Need help or advice on a product or service? Jemma has got you covered. Her deep understanding of our company systems and processes together with her knack for creative problem-solving and her calm, collected nature make her the person you need when you spot an issue you need help with.

Janine Moran

Sales Recruitment Specialist

Sales Recruitment Specialist

Janine is a recruiter who's passionate about candidate and customer care - just ask anyone who's worked with her. That's why she's an expert at finding sales candidates who could not only sell sand in the desert, but also have strong drive for customer and client service.

Odette Viljoen

Marketing Recruitment Specialist

Marketing Recruitment Specialist

Whether you're looking for a Social Media Specialist, Content Creator, Digital Designer, or Marketing Chief, Odette is the recruiter you need. Her ability to think outside the box makes her a whizz at finding creative candidates who also think outside the box.

Kim Shaw

Administration Recruitment Specialist

Administration Recruitment Specialist

How do you know when you've found a great Administrator? Well, it takes one to know one. That's why Kim is our admin hiring specialist. Whether you need an Office Clerk, Receptionist, PA, or EA, Kim has the expert tools and skills to find you the perfect match for your team.

Tracey Govender

Leadership Recruitment Specialist

Leadership Recruitment Specialist

Good businesses come from good leadership. That's why Tracey is passionate when it comes +0 helping companies find the perfect management for their teams. Whether you're looking for a Team Lead, Department Head, or even Executive Managers, Tracey will find them for you.

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