Hiring Made Easy: Employer Branding & Attraction Strategies

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Businesses that want to align and attract their ideal candidate
That may already have an internal recruitment function but you have outdated ways of attracting candidates
Businesses that want a strategy with social media
Businesses that want to ditch expensive job boards and take back control of their results
Businesses that want to increase candidate attraction by up to 75%!

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A clear training programme that is easy to follow and integrate into your business

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Hiring Made Easy

£2500 per business

Hiring Made Easy:
Bespoke Edition

£3500 per business

Hiring Made Easy:
Employer Branding & Attraction Strategies

£1000 per business


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What do our Clients Say?

I had the pleasure of working with Leanne and learning an incredible amount of value from the Hiring Made Easy programme. Leanne provided my team with interview training and guidance which has been very well received and proved very successful in helping them recruit new team members. Throughout the training Leanne was able to target the training at the correct level for each individual, took feedback and supported them as they integrated the methods and practices into their own recruitment tasks which has helped massively with recruitment

Hiring Made Easy / Bespoke Edition / Craig MPD Online

I worked with Leanne on creating more appealing job specs as the ones I was using weren’t attracting the right types of candidates. We spent time making sure the adverts spoke the language of candidates I wanted to attract. On Monday 13th March I deployed 3 pf the new adverts, which went live around 1600. As of Friday 17th March they have 560 applicants. 1 of the adverts had to be taken down midday Friday as it had hit 390 applicants, 121 of which I’m interviewing for this week.

Hiring Made Easy / Bespoke Edition / Chris Executive UK Group Ltd

It was refreshing to see that this course uses clear language and plain English. The was Leanne breaks this down into easy to follow training is well received for someone that was a complete novice. She takes the time to give an insight into the real world of recruitment with experiences shared. I liked the layout and fonts used on the written material. Using the online system was uncomplicated (after an initial technical glitch, which was quickly rectified). Being able to dip in and out of modules around working tasks is another benefit. Even though I was learning with other people, the information is aimed at all businesses, which makes you think about your own company’s values, needs and processes; therefore the course becomes bespoke to you

Hiring Made Easy Cohort / Deborah 53 North Group


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"This course has completely changed the way that I think about recruitment and by having the right processes in place, and an understanding of sourcing for candidates it has transformed the way that I recruit!"
"As a free document this is valuable and thought provoking"
"This was hands down my favourite doc. One of the reasons I took a bit of time to reply back with feedback was because I was implementing this (others too but specifically this one) and holy smokes this is an absolute game changer. Its criminal to give this away for free and I’d say this must be paid for as its worth every penny"
Hansel Savio

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