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How To Recruit

This course is aimed at businesses that want to take back control of their recruitment. It is designed to teach you, or a member of staff to recruit how Hargreaves do, lowering your recruitment spend. It covers processes, advertising, candidate attraction, interviewing, onboarding and more.

How To Create A Strong Recruitment Process And Advertising Strategy

Having processes in place to kick off your recruitment journey will be the difference from you feeling like you are banging your head against a brick wall to having that AH-HA moment when things finally start working! Advertising can be tricky when you don’t know where to start. You need to know whether you will get a return on your investment and which platforms to use. Here we show you how to create your company values, conduct competitor analysis and identify a candidate avatar that suits your business requirements.

Have an Outside the Box Approach to Maximising Candidate Attraction

Ever stuck a job advert out on Indeed and got sweet FA from it and now you think recruitment is the WORST thing ever to be invented? Directly sourcing your own candidates is one of THE best ways to increase the number of applications you have to work with within your recruitment process as you can’t just rely on adverts! Here is how we teach you how to source for candidates using all the knowledge we have learnt over the last 21 years of being in recruitment.

How To Interview And Onboard Candidates Effectively

Interviewing, when done right will create a positive, engaging experience for candidates that go through your selection process. This section is packed with training that will make you BAD ASS at interviewing and selecting the right interview type for your candidate’s and business Induction and onboarding are one of the most important parts of a candidate’s journey, here is where we show you how to keep your recruit engaged, involved and to ensure they stick around for the long haul.