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How To Deal With Rejection When Applying For Jobs

Whether you have applied for a role and been rejected or been rejected after an interview, the bottom line is, its sh*t! This document will teach you how to deal with rejection and the different methods that have helped us, at Hargreaves Recruitment, over the years.

How To Deal With Anxiety Before An Interview

Anxiety is something that affects people in many ways, interviewing with anxiety can be extremely difficult speaking from experience. In this document you will find a number of ways to control your anxiety during your interview, and life experiences!

Interview preparation checklist

Not landing that dream role? Maybe, just maybe you are missing out on the smaller detail, follow this checklist to make sure you smash your next interview.

How to write a cover letter

Although we don’t really like CVs or Cover letters, but we do get why companies like to see them, a cover letter is something you should be saying to a company not writing a novel about. That being said, we do know how to write a cracking cover letter so here is our step-by-step guide!

How to write a CV

No idea where to start with writing a CV? Let us help! If you follow this step by step guide, along with the FREE CV writing template, you will have a bad ass CV that stands out from the crowd!

How do I know which job is for me?

Are you struggling to work out the type of roles you should be applying for? To help, we have shown a few jobs we advertise here at Hargreaves and the skills/attributes that fit the roles best.

How to become a more proactive jobseeker

Been out of work is to say the least… sh*t. Rather than speaking with people one by one on how to be more proactive when looking for work, we thought it would be better to put it on a document so you can refer back to it at any point and work through it at your own pace.

Proactive Jobseeker – Do’s and don’ts

Hargreaves speak to a vast number of candidates daily, many do not realise how they are perceived. First impressions count, use this document to make sure you are doing all the right things, and avoiding the wrong things throughout your recruitment journey.

What to expect from a recruitment process

Fail to prepare… prepare to fail! Hargreaves want you to have an insight into recruitment processes to in turn help you with your recruitment journey. This document will do just that!

Writing a CV – Template

Hargreaves know writing a CV can be time consuming, mind boggling and generally difficult. We have put together this FREE CV template to help you on your way to presenting a CV to an employer that stands out.

Job Search Calendar

Hargreaves know looking for your next role can feel like groundhog day. Need help? Look no further, follow this calendar to ensure you are maximising your job search and moving a step closer to landing your next role.